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for the holidays, that is … Been super busy prepping the house, doing the Christmas party rounds and packing our stuff for a much needed break from the daily grind.  So it’s bye-bye for now Taal Volcano and hello Mt. Apo for the Tirols for the next three weeks  starting tomorrow so  I will be scarce around cyberspace to spend time with the ILs. Hopefully, it will be time to RE-new, RE-fresh, RE-group, RE-think, of course RE-lax and all the R&R I could think of. Hopefully I can take some nice pics to fill up the rest of the Shutterfly albums I haven’t finished yet.

Sorry I haven’t had time to make a Christmas card for y’all, hopefully  I’ll get back into my scrapping groove and join the forums again when I get back.

Have a wonderful Christmas to all you bloggie readers out there especially to all the Bebots who drop by and say hi. I’ll be back soon!   May we all have a meaningful and purpose-filled New Year to look forward to.


Blessings to all!